State of California Denti-Cal Benefits

Denti-cal Benefits for patients

Denti-Cal is a dental benefit program in California. This program provides dental care for eligible individuals and families at no-cost or low-cost. It is administered by the California Department of Health Care Services. It is a subset of the broader Medi-Cal program to mainly provides dental care coverage. State benefits allows access to oral health care to maintain oral health and prevent dental problems.

What services are covered by Denti-Cal?

It’s important to note that coverage and benefits can vary depending on the specific circumstances and eligibility criteria of each individual. It is advisable to consult with the Denti-Cal program or a dental professional for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding covered services.

• Exams and x-rays
Cleanings (prophylaxis)
• Fluoride treatments
Root canals in front teeth and back teeth
• Prefabricated crowns
Full dentures and partial dentures

• Orthodontic treatment for certain individuals
• Deep cleanings (scaling and root planning)

• Other medically necessary dental services ie treatment during pregnancy

This is a brief list and additional service coverage is available through State of California program. We are an approved Denti-Cal provider office. We provides patient care to both adult and children regardless of their insurance coverage or financial status. Call our office for additional assistance or contact us through our contact page.


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