Front Bridge Teeth by Popular Dentist in Riverside, CA

A front bridge teeth can help constitute your smile and bring a vital part of your personality back to your life. When you knock them out, you should ask popular dentist in Riverside, CA about bridges. They are a perfect and long-term solution that will help you get your beautiful smile back again. What else can be done if you knock out your front teeth? Read on to find out.

I Knocked Out Front Teeth, Help!

If you or someone you care about has knocked out a front tooth or multiple teeth, then we suggest that you follow the below-mentioned steps to rectify the situation and ensure there is minimal damage.

Be Calm

The first thing to remember is to be calm and think positive. It will help in minimizing the bleeding.

Find Your Tooth (Teeth)

The next step is to find the missing tooth (teeth), especially the crown and rinse its root with water in case it’s dirty.

The Attempt

In case you are not bleeding much or the bleeding has stopped, you should try to keep the tooth (teeth) in the same place it was. Hold it with your teeth and bite gently on the cloth.

Hold it Anyway

If biting on a tooth (teeth) is not possible because of the pain then you should hold it inside the mouth between your molars and cheek. It will ensure that you don’t swallow it accidentally.

Preserve Right

In case you can’t put it in your mouth until the time you visit a popular dentist in Riverside, CA, you can place it in milk, never in plain water.

Meet a Professional

Talk to or meet a dentist in your locality such as a popular dentist in Riverside, CA, and tell them it’s an emergency to get instant treatment.

Dial 911

In case you are bleeding a lot, and experiencing side effects like fainting, confusion, dizziness, concussion, etc., the best course of action would be to dial 911 and seek help.

Why Are Bridges Perfect for Replacing Missing Front Teeth?

The ideal solution when you lose a front tooth or multiple front teeth would be to heal the original tooth. In case this is not possible, the next best option would be to ask a popular dentist in Riverside, CA about dental bridges. Why? It’s because they look exactly like real tooth or teeth and help you get your smile back in an affordable and timely manner. To get a missing front tooth replaced with quality bridges, contact Canyon Dental today!


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