How Can a NightGuard Help You Sleep?

A night guard for teeth is a thin piece of hard plastic made from impressions of your teeth that is placed on the upper teeth. The night guard is hard enough to be durable but it is softer than teeth and protects them from wear. A night guard protects your teeth and jaw from the detrimental effects of nighttime teeth grinding. The pressure created by grinding can eventually wear your teeth down to nothing! Other warning signs that you may be grinding your teeth at night include headaches (sometimes severe) and jaw pain when you wake up in the morning.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved the NTI Tension Suppression System (NTI) as a drug-free alternative to reducing headache pain and migraine-related episodes that affects 28 million Americans. This safe and effective device is simple to use, requires no surgery and has no side-effects.

In a multi-center trial of the NTI device, 82% of sufferers had a 77% reduction within 8 weeks. Just a single visit to our office can make someone become an ex-migraine sufferer!

Call us to schedule an appointment, and get started on the path to better sleep today!

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