Teeth Bleaching in Adolescents

Oftentimes, adolescent-aged patients that come into Corona Canyon Dental ask to have their teeth whitened or bleached. In fact, tooth whitening has become a very common procedure in our dental office.

However, whitening on young teeth can cause more tooth sensitivity than in adults. Overuse of over the counter products can be toxic and harmful to the teeth if not properly administered. The reason why that is the tooth characteristics of adolescence are thinner than those of adults. Consequently, adolescents’ teeth easier to bleach, however, the exposure of peroxide to the pulp could be harmful.

Careful selection of bleaching products should be made, especially at home bleaching products including, for example, bleaching strips. Unsupervised bleaching can be very harmful if done without following manufactures instructions. Inappropriate use or abuse of these products can have serious effects. Higher concentration bleaching products are becoming available to the general public. Still, there isn’t enough research to support the carcinogenic effects of peroxide exposure in children compared to adults.

Although it is very aesthetically pleasing, there are other motives behind teeth whitening. Some parents consider bleaching on their kids to build their self esteem. In some cases medications cause white spots on teeth and the patient would like to bleach until the white spots blend in with the rest of the enamel. Bleaching than becomes a decision to be made carefully by the patient and dentist.

Teeth whitening can be done safely, quickly and effectively. Dr. Shikha Banerjee of Corona Canyon Dental personally evaluates each patient’s cosmetic needs and thoroughly discusses treatment plans that are available to achieve that brighter, whiter smile.


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