Visiting a Dentist in Corona Scares You? Read This!!

Having fear or anxiety before visiting a dentist in Corona is quite common. It is not a laughing matter. It is a fact that nearly 75 percent of adults in America are scared of visiting a dentist. If you are also among such individuals and you get anxious or afraid before a dental visit, then you should read on.

What Do People Fear the Most?

Some of the things people are afraid of are needles, the drill, pain, and sedation. Some people get anxious because they feel embarrassed about their teeth or oral health or have bad breath.

How to Overcome the Fear of a Dental Visit?

There are a few simple things you can do to overcome the fear of a dental visit. They are listed below.

Choose the Right Dentist

You should visit a reliable dentist in Corona like Canyon Dental Associates to ensure that you get an appointment with a dentist who understands you and helps in making you comfortable during every visit.

Know that Needles May Not Cause Pain

Another thing to know is that needles don’t always cause pain. Yes, you can get a needle inserted in your gums and not feel a thing. The secret to that is the use of a numbing gel by the dentist. So, if you are scared of needles, ask your dentist to use a numbing gel and make your visit more pleasant.

Ignore the Drill

If the drill scares you, the solution would be the same, the numbing gel. If the sound or vibration of the drill scares you even after the application of numbing gel, you can put some headphones on and avoid the noise.

Pain Is Easily Avoidable

If the thoughts of pain at a dentist scare you, you should know that dental pain is also easily avoidable thanks to numbing gels and anesthetics. Also remember that the more scared you are, the more sensitive you will be to the pain. Try methods like deep breathing to avoid pain.

Be Honest, Not Embarrassed

In case you are embarrassed about your teeth or oral health, you should try to talk to the dentist about it. Just tell him or her that you don’t like what you did to your oral health or teeth and ask for help. This will help break the ice and make you comfortable instantly.

Remember that Sedation Isn’t Bad

Some people avoid visiting a dentist in Corona because they think sedation is bad for them. Many people fear that sedation would make them lose control over themselves and some people fear that they will still feel the pain after sedation. Both these perceptions are wrong, and you need to talk to your dentist about your fears to overcome them.

The Final Option

If all the methods mentioned above didn’t show great results, you should try taking someone you trust in the dental clinic with you. It will ensure that you won’t be out of control or have to deal with pain. If your phobia and anxiety are getting bigger day by day, you can also seek the help of a psychiatrist or therapist to win over your fears.


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