When to Approach a Dental Clinic in Corona for Children’s Braces

If you are thinking of getting dental braces for your kid at a renowned dental clinic in Corona, but you want the answer to the question of what is the right age for children to get braces, then you are on the right page. Here you will get advice shared by real dentists belonging to team Canyon Dental. When reading the below-mentioned content, do remember that every child is different and there is no one size fits all approach that can be applied to all the kids. So, the right age for children to get braces differs from one child to the other.

Who Can Help in Deciding What is the Right Age for Children to Get Braces?

The best person to approach when deciding what is the right age for children to get braces is an orthodontist. The orthodontist would organize an orthodontic screening to get the right answer. For those of you who don’t know Orthodontists are experts who specialize in determining as well as treating problems with teeth and face in individuals.

When to Take Your Child to an Orthodontist?

According to experts at the dental clinic in Corona, you can take a child to the orthodontist when he or she is 7 years old. But there are instances where taking the child to an orthodontist before the age of 7 years is advisable. A few examples of such instances are mentioned right here.

  • When your kid has overcrowding in the mouth due to excessive teeth.
  • When lower and upper teeth can’t meet each other, i.e., the child has an open bite.
  • If a child has overbite condition, i.e., the upper teeth protrude past the lower teeth of the kid.
  • If the child has underbite condition, the exact opposite of overbite in which the lower teeth protrude past your child’s upper teeth.
  • When your child has crossbites, a grave condition in which the lower, and upper jaw don’t line up.

The Ideal Ages

According to experts at a dental clinic in Corona, the ideal ages for children to get dental braces are between the ages of 8 and 14. This time frame is ideal because the experts are able to take many preventive and interceptive measures to ensure your child gets the best possible care. As the child is going through developmental years, adapting to the changes is somewhat easier now than later.

The Benefits of Availing Orthodontic Screening

  • It helps experts at a dental clinic in Corona to decide which long-term treatment will suit your kid best.
  • It helps in identifying oral problems at an early age and contain them.
  • As the child is of tender age, the braces work more effectively as compared to having them later in life.

Now, if you want more advice or help regarding braces for your kids, feel free to contact the best dental clinic in Corona, Canyon Dental where you get amazing treatment at great costs. You and your child will smile when leaving the clinic after every appointment, we make sure of that!


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