Are Dental Implants Covered by My Insurance?

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?  

Although dental implants are essential medical devices in helping patients with common dental issues, they are not covered by most insurance. Unfortunately, the procedure, dental implants, falls within the category of cosmetic treatments. Cosmetics dental surgeries focus on physical appearance and are not necessary to maintain good oral health. Such surgeries can range from teeth whitening to any form of dental contouring. However, speaking with your dental insurance provider can help you confirm whether your dental implant is partially covered, have additional costs, or has any other limitations. Having greater knowledge of dental insurance benefits can impact your experience and leave you with greater confidence at your annual visits to your dentist – be that at Canyon Dental Associates, Corona! 

What Do Most Dental Benefits Cover? 

Most dental benefits cover preventative and basic care, which are necessary to maintain a healthy smile. However, major care, or specialized procedures, can be known for their higher deductibility, especially dental implants. Indemnity plans and capitation plans have different benefits for both the patient and the employee. Indemnity plans, known as the traditional insurance plan, charge according to the procedures that are performed. However, capitation plans pay your dentist in advance. The varying policies of each insurance plan is why it is important to review dental coverages and expenses with your insurance provider and to find the plan that is best for you. The following procedures are covered by most dental plans:

Do You Have Any More Questions? 

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