Who Needs Oral Cancer Screenings? Top Rated Dentist in Corona, California Explains

Oral Cancer is one of the deadliest health ailments. This is why you need to get Oral cancer screenings done at the top rated dentist in Corona, California. But are you aware that some of you are more at risk of getting diagnosed with this disease than other people? Yes. It’s true, there are some categories of people who are more at risk than the others. Who are they and whether you belong to those categories or not? Read on to find out.

How Does Oral Cancer Begin?

Though researchers are not sure about the exact cause of oral cancer, scientists agree that it begins after there is mutations or damage in the genetic code which controls growth and death of cells. So, genetics is one of the strong reasons for this deadly disease. Some others are mentioned right here.

  • Taking Tobacco

If you smoke cigarettes, pipes cigars or chew on raw tobacco, then you need oral cancer screenings more often according to the top rated dentist in Corona, California.

  • Alcohol Addiction

In case you consume a lot of alcohol on a daily or weekly basis then we suggest that you get oral cancer screenings done more often as you are quite likely to be at risk. If you consume tobacco as well as large amounts of alcohol, you are at more risk.

  • Searing Sunlight

If your lips are exposed to the searing sunlight for a long period of time, you are at the risk of oral cancer. An easy solution to this problem is to use an SPF cream or a lip balm when you need to go out in the sun.

  • Hazardous HPV

This deadly disease also occurs due to HPV as the cases of cancer due to it is rising day by day. HPV stands for Human papillomavirus, and it is a viral infection that passes from one human being to another via skin to skin contact.

Now that you know of the key reasons you might need oral cancer screenings more often, maybe it’s time to book an appointment with Canyon Dental, a top rated dentist in Corona California where each dentist is competent enough to do this test and ensure that you live a long and happy life. At Canyon Dental, you don’t even need to ask the dental expert to perform this screening, it will be done every time you visit the dentist. Don’t worry; it’s a harmless and painless process.  


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