Denti-Cal for Adults

Due to budget crisis in the state, the dental benefits for adults are very limited on denti-cal. They are covering for routine check-ups, X-rays, basic cleanings, crowns and full dentures. They also cover pain relieving services i.e. root canals for front teeth and extractions for back teeth. We are consistently advising patients that the services are very limited. For example, if you are having pain on your back teeth the benefit services through denti-cal would be an extraction. If you want to save the tooth and look into other options, you will have an out of pocket expense. Please check your benefits prior to your appointment with the provider. This will make your appointment run smoothly because all services are not covered, which can cause the patient to become upset and disappointed. We continue to educate patients on the limited covered services. Hopefully this is helpful but we welcome you to call us with any additional questions particular to your need.


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