Unhappy With Your Teeth’s Appearance?

Dentists commonly come across patients who present their highest concern as being ‘unhappy with the appearance of teeth’. They state that they are hesitant to smile, and never with any confidence especially in public. Some patients even make the comment “I have even forgotten how to smile” or explain that their insecurity even interferes with job interviews.

At Corona Canyon Dental, Dr. Shikha Banerjee has completed numerous anterior (front area of your teeth) cases and corrected these smiles. The rewards are often times surprising to patients. The confidence that patients leave with from our practice gives our team a sense of pride from knowing how much their new smile affects them.

While many patients are initially scared to do any dental treatment, the role of a general dentist is to understand patient’s concerns and educate the various treatment options with them. On the initial consultation, good dentists should spend the majority of the time evaluating their expectations in order to create a custom treatment plan. Once the dentist examines the patient’s medical and dental history, and collects pre-op photos and dental x-rays, she takes an impression to duplicate the patient’s mouth. With this information, the patient and the dentist sit down to review their options.

The models are sent to the lab for a wax up of the end result, offering a visual presentation of their outcome even before the patient has started any treatment. Appropriate referrals (i.e. orthodontic or surgical treatment) are made only when necessary. Then, the patient approves the wax up, and the treatment is started.

By the end of second visit, the patient has temporary restorations placed that they wear until the lab fabricates their permanent restoration. The final case takes about three weeks to complete and we try it in to ensure complete satisfaction. Once the patient accepts the look and fit, the dentist should examine the functionality and cement permanently. Final photographs are taken and compared to the first photos. The differences are remarkable.

After the few visits one on one with the patient, inevitably a close and trusting relationship is established. It is then that the patient has overcome their fear about dentistry and now can smile confidence. The exciting outcome creates a level of confidence in the patient and dentist, which is unbeatable.
Dr. Shikha Banerjee is an award winning and recognized general dentist that has been practicing dentistry in the Corona area for a many years. Her two practices, Corona Canyon Dental and Corona Dental Associates are teamed with friendly and knowledgeable professionals that are committed to providing every patient with superior customer service.


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