Denture Repairs

Denture repairs are fairly common. Some of the problems including midline fracture of a full denture, tooth falling out of a denture, piece of a flange is lost, clasp fractures, and acrylic detaches from the metal frame. Fractures can happen for many reasons. Patient might drop the denture. Clasp fractures during tightening of clasp. The section of acrylic underling normal forces Odd habit such as nail biting or close bits. Some repairs are very simple. Two broken piece can be put together and send back to lab. Impression is usually not necessary. Lost part of a denture could be repaired by taking an impression, sending to lab and lost part is added. If the prostheses breaks into many pieces repair is difficult. If denture fractures persistently dentist might need to evaluate for replacement denture with a different design.

Denture relines are new material in the fitting surface of the denture. Temporary relines are of soft material cushioning for a gross ill-fitting denture. Soft relines are usually done for immediate denture or for tissue healing purposes around a poor fit denture which has caused irritation and a new denture can’t be made right away. Soft relines see done chair side and patient usually permanent relines are hard acrylic relines. Dentist might suggest this improper fitting, to prolong the life an existing denture and lastly following immediate denture use. Permanent reline needs to be send to the lab usually.


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