Get White Mercury Free Fillings at Best Dentist in Corona

The next time you visit the best dentist in Corona, you should inquire about white mercury free fillings to replace amalgams, if you have them already. Why? It’s because amalgams are not made of silver as many people think. It is made up of a mixture of silver, tin, mercury, and copper. Amalgams also fade to black color over time and so might make your pretty smile look ugly.

In contrast, mercury-free fillings are made of a composite material that looks exactly like the color of your teeth. Here are a few benefits of opting for mercury-free fillings at the best dentist in Corona.

Looks Natural

The first benefit of opting for this option is that mercury-free fillings can look exactly like your real teeth. It means that no one but you would know that you have opted for this treatment. It also ensures that there are no dark spots that are usually created by other forms of fillings. This option is also excellent because it never harms the enamel of the surrounding teeth which amalgam could do in many cases. In essence, a beautiful smile, with white shining teeth is the biggest advantage of mercury-free fillings.

Long Lasting

Another benefit of these fillings is that they last longer. Yes, you can get this treatment done and remain tension free in this regard for years. These replacements last longer than expected in most cases and ensure that you smile with confidence just by ensuring some basic maintenance and following simple care instructions. So, these fillings provide real value for money!

Less Effort Needed

One more worthy benefit of opting for mercury-free fillings at best dentist in Corona is that the process is quite painless and easy on your mouth. It is also less time consuming which means it can be completed in a few sittings. You can also go about your business immediately after this treatment in most cases which ensures that your day to day life is not disrupted.

How It’s Added?

The dental expert would first remove the decay and then create a putty of material. A liquid primer would also be used to maximize the hold between the composite and the enamel. The filling will be laid in multiple layers and light will cure the material into a hard surface within a few seconds. The margins would be so strong that the overall structure of the damaged tooth would gain stability and it would be able to stay in place for years to come.

Get it Today!

Now that you know how wonderful this treatment option is, you should ask the best dentist in Corona to safely remove the previous amalgam fillings and replace them with the mercury-free fillings as soon as possible. Make sure that your teeth can bear the change, you have the monetary resources for this treatment and let the dental expert decide the best option for you!


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