Must Know Things About Orthognathic Surgery by Canyon Dental

Orthognathic Surgery or corrective jaw surgery is one of the medical miracles offered by Canyon Dental that help a person to get rid of multiple issues at once. People opt for this surgery to improve minor and major dental and skeletal irregularities as well as fix the misalignment of teeth and jaws. This surgery must be performed by an expert to increase the chances of success.

Correcting the Functional Problems

One can go for Orthognathic Surgery to correct functional problems such as a protruding jaw, difficulty swallowing/biting or chewing food, chronic jaw or joint, excessive wear-and-tear on the teeth, an open bite, unbalanced facial appearance, a receding chin, sleep apnea, strain while trying to meet your lips, dry mouth, mouth breathing, and many others.

What to Expect Before an Orthognathic Surgery?

Before the Orthognathic Surgery, the surgeon might want x-rays, models, and pictures of your teeth to plan the surgery in a better manner. The surgeon may also use orthodontic braces to move teeth into a new position. Though you might feel that the bite is getting worse rather than better, you must have patience as the bite will be getting better and aligning properly.

What to Expect During an Orthognathic Surgery?

This surgery will take place at a clinic like Canyon Dental where a skilled surgeon will administer local anesthesia to ensure that you feel minimal or no pain. The amount of time required to do this procedure varies from one patient to the other. It can be done in one hour, or it can take many hours to complete. The main goal of this surgery would be to reposition the jawbones according to the prepared plan. In a few cases, the surgeon at Canyon Dental might need to add bone or take some of the bone away. Reshaping the bone can also be required.

During the surgery, tools like surgical plates, wires, screws, and rubber bands might be used so you should be mentally prepared for that. The surgery might also involve making incisions in the mouth to ensure there is minimal visible scarring.

What to Expect After an Orthognathic Surgery?

When the surgery is complete, the surgeon at Canyon Dental will give you some instructions with regard to following a specific diet for a few days or weeks. The diet usually includes lots of liquids and only a low amount of solids. You might also be barred from doing the strenuous physical activity and using any tobacco products. You may also need to take help of over the counter painkillers to get rid of some residue pain or discomfort.

What is the Recovery Time of an Orthognathic Surgery?

The recovery time of each patient differs on the basis of many factors such as how much rest one gets, how extensive the surgery was, how much discomfort one feels, etc. Most patients can resume work, school or college within one to three weeks post an at Orthognathic Surgery.

If you want to know more about Orthognathic Surgery conducted at Canyon Dental, a leading dentist in Corona then you are free to schedule an appointment with our experts. Good Luck.  


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