Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery) in Corona

Introduction to Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, is a significant advancement in treating facial and jaw abnormalities. Recent technological innovations have enabled combined procedures for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and orthognathic surgeries, optimizing jaw movement and long-term stability while addressing TMJ disorders and improving facial aesthetics​​.

At Canyon Dental Associates, we utilize these integrated surgical techniques to enhance quality of life for our patients, improving functions like mastication and airway patency alongside aesthetic enhancements.

Technological Advances in Orthognathic Surgery

Modern corrective jaw surgery has been revolutionized by technological advances such as virtual surgical modeling, patient-specific custom devices, and intra-operative imaging. These tools ensure precise device placement and improved surgical proficiency​​.

Our team at Canyon Dental Associates employs these state-of-the-art technologies for complex jaw reconstructions, enabling us to achieve superior results with enhanced precision and safety.

Customized Surgical Approach

Depending on the patient’s specific needs, corrective surgeries may include procedures like condylectomy, coronoidectomy, maxillary osteotomy, and genioplasty. The success of these surgeries is greatly enhanced by custom-fitted total joint prostheses for TMJ reconstruction and virtual surgical planning, involving 3D printed models and custom surgical templates​​.

At Canyon Dental Associates, our approach is tailored to each patient, utilizing the latest in 3D technology and custom fittings to ensure optimal outcomes in function, facial harmony, and occlusion.

The Importance of Precise Planning

The precision in pre-surgical planning is critical for the success of corrective jaw surgeries. Innovations in virtual surgical planning and the use of intra-operative CT imaging ensure accurate placement of devices and prostheses, reducing risks and improving post-surgical outcomes​​.

Our skilled surgeons at Canyon Dental Associates leverage these advanced planning tools to meticulously prepare for each surgery, ensuring every step is strategically planned for the best possible results.

Why Choose Canyon Dental Associates?

Choosing Canyon Dental Associates for your corrective jaw surgery means entrusting your care to a team that is at the forefront of orthognathic surgery advancements. Our commitment to integrating the latest surgical technologies with patient-centered care ensures that you receive the most advanced treatment available.

We prioritize not just the aesthetic aspects of the surgery but also the functional improvements, striving to enhance your overall quality of life through expertly performed corrective jaw procedures.