Things to do Before Getting White Mercury Free Fillings from Best Dentist in Corona

Are you thinking of replacing your old dental fillings by contacting the best dentist in Corona? If so, we suggest that you explore the option of white mercury free fillings as they are proven to be very effective and long-lasting than the former option. In case you are not sure what will happen after you decide to go with white mercury free fillings then we suggest that you take the following steps and satisfy yourself before getting the procedure done.

  • Know About Amalgam Fillings

The first thing you need to do when you are considering adding a new dental filling or replacing an old one is to do a bit of research on amalgam fillings. You don’t need to dig too deep because even after a bit of research, you will see that amalgam fillings are not a good idea as they are filled with mercury, excess of which could lead to drastic results.

  • Explore All Options

Now that you know that amalgam fillings are bad for you, you should ask your dentist in Corona to provide you with all the options. Some of the options that you may want to ask about are porcelain, gold, glass ionomer and composite resin. You should know the cost and process of each of the options and then pick one that suits your needs and budget.

  • Choose Fillings without Bis-GMA or BPA

Some of the white fillings options have a high level of BOA or Bis-GMA, substances that might not suit a person. In such a situation, we recommend that you ask your dentist about how these materials can harm you and which filling options won’t have any BOA or Bis-GMA.

  • Take a Dental Biocompatibility Test

In case your dentist in Corona is sure of the fact that the white mercury free fillings he or she has chosen for you won’t do you any harm, and you are still in doubt then you can take a dental biocompatibility test. When the results of this test arrive, you will get to know which materials harm you and which do not. You can then share the results with the dentist in Corona and decide which filling will suit you best.

  • Ask Whether the Dentist Can Safely Remove Amalgam Fillings

The last step is to ensure that the dentist in Corona you have visited has ample experience in safely removing amalgam fillings. It is smart to check the credentials of the dentist and have an idea of how many cases like yours a dentist handles in a month or year. It will ensure you that your oral health is in good hands and the procedure would be quick, painless and effective.

Now, if you are looking for the best dentist in Corona for white mercury free fillings, then we suggest that you contact Canyon Dental. We are a leading dental services provider in California that can handle all types of fillings and make your smile even brighter.  


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