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Thanks to the changing focus on staying healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, more and more people are now seeking the best dentist in Corona, California. If you are also conscious about having great oral health and a dazzling smile, then you should contact us today. Here are a few reasons why we are different from the rest.

  • Not Profit Centric: One of the best things about visiting us is that we are independently owned and operated which means that we don’t exist just to earn a profit. We exist to serve our customers in the best possible manner and to ensure that they attain great oral health for a lifetime.
  • Latest Solutions: Another thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills to ensure that we meet every need of the customers and tackle any and all oral health issues by using state of the art tools and latest procedures. A key example of this can be our specialty in Invisalign, clear braces that serve as an attractive option than metal braces.
  • High Qualifications: When you hope to contact the best dentist in Corona, California, you should realize that we have two of the most qualified doctors available for you. One of them has achieved a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from SUNY Buffalo while the other has completed orthodontic specialty training at the UNLV School of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.
  • Wide Range of Services: A big reason to contact us when you need the best dentist in Corona, California is that you get to avail a lot of prevention and maintenance services, cosmetic dentistry services and restorative dentistry. From simple extractions to oral cancer screenings, veneers to white mercury free fillings and from implants to root canal, we can handle it all with perfection.
  • Extreme Comfort: Last but not the least, you should contact us when seeking the best dentist in Corona, California because we offer you extreme comfort from the moment you visit our website. You can download the forms we need to take you on as a patient from the website and get the earliest possible appointment. We also provide multiple solutions to your problems, accept most insurances and follow up with you to ensure that you get the service you deserve. Call us now and see the difference we bring into your life yourself.

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